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How much money can you earn on bitcoin/crypto faucets

There are many people on the internet claiming that you can earn a lot of money on Bitcoin faucets. I am going to share here my own experience in this regard.

How much can you make on claiming from faucets?

I am earning around 0.03 USD per day on claiming from faucets. This is ~0.90 USD in a month. It takes me approximately 30 minutes of work every day.

Can I multiply my earnings by spending more time on faucets? Not really. While there are hundreds of different faucets, most of them pay very little and are a waste of time.

I try to only use faucets that pay at least 0.001 USD. Even though it doesn't seem like a lot of money, the majority of faucets pay even less.

Can you earn more than me? You probably can, but don't expect dollars - it will be still in the range of few cents per day.

How much can you make by promoting faucets?

Almost all faucets have some affiliate program. It means that they pay for referring new users.

Usually the referral commission is expressed as a percentage. For example 50% referral commission means that if the person referred by you claim $0.01 from the faucet, then you will receive $0.005 (0.01*50%). If you refer 1000 new users and each of them get $0.01 from the faucet, then you will earn 1000*0.01*50%=$5. Not bad!

Ok, but that is just the theory. How much in practice am I earning by promoting faucets? Currently I am getting around 0.20 USD per day. Can I do better? Definitely yes!

To earn more money I just need to refer more people to the faucets. If you have a popular website, I think it is possible to be getting several dollars per day as a referral commission from faucets. My websites are currently not that popular, but I am still working on them.

Of course you don't need to have your own website to promote faucets. You can also do it on youtube, facebook or discussion boards. I just prefer to have my own websites, because I can learn more about web development this way.

How much can you earn on your own faucet?

If you have some knowledge about operating websites, you may decide to start your own faucet. The money usually comes from the advertisements placed on the faucet.

How much can you earn on that? Well... I do not know yet. I started my first faucet few days ago, so it is too early for me to know. I will update this article once I know more.