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Loki Lokio photoHi! I am Lokio. Welcome to my personal website.

Simple CurvaPay Faucet Script

Someone asked me about the script of my faucets. Since it is nothing complicated I decided to share it with everyone here.

I think this script may be useful for educational purposes. You may even try to run your own faucet on it if you are brave. Keep in mind however that it doesn't have many security features (if you know PHP, feel free to improve it!).

Download Simple Faucet Script by Lokio

Key Features

The script was written in PHP and requires curl and sqlite modules enabled (any PHP hosting have them enabled, except maybe some free ones).

No external database is needed, because everything is saved in text files.

Easy to understand. The whole code fits in 260 lines of a single file.

How to install it

  1. Move the script files to your hosting.
  2. Change the name of faucet.db to something difficult to guess and change its permission so that it is possible to write to it (here is how to do it in cPanel).
  3. Edit index.php to change the settings. You must set your domain name, CurvaPay account number and API key. You must specify correct name of the database location (if you changed it).

That's all you need to start your first simple faucet. I recommend however to change other settings in the index.php file. For example: claim value, time to wait between claims, referral commission etc. If you have account, you should provide your keys so that it is more difficult to cheat the faucet.

If you started your own faucet, please let me know, so that I can add it to my list of faucets.